The UF Clean Water Campaign aims to build awareness of water quality issues and solutions on the University of Florida campus.

We work together with administration, students, faculty and staff to reduce pollution in campus waterbodies through the following activities: Water Quality Monitoring, Storm Drain Marking, Implementing Pollution Reduction Strategies, and More.

Check out the new kiosk designs that will soon be displayed at the Lake Alice Conservation Area (3.6MB pdf) and the McCarty Woods Conservation Area (4.3MB pdf).

Check out the UF Wetlands Portal for more information on campus wetlands and wetlands research at the University of Florida. For state-wide wetland information, visit the IFAS Wetlands Extension website.

Find out what YOU can do TODAY to prevent campus water pollution around campus, and at home.

Pollution to Report?

Water Pollution - cup in water

Please report pollution if you see something unusual or contact us.