Safety Concern

Are you an employee of Facilities Services and would like to submit an anonymous safety concern?

Please use the form below, and let us know how we can help.

Report a Safety Concern

Safety Handbook

Facilities Services employees can download the Employee Safety Handbook here (requires login).

Safety Handbook

Safety Committee

Facilities Services’ Safety Committee was established to identify and eliminate or reduce safety hazards in the workplace.

The Safety Committee recommends improvements to our workplace safety program and identifies corrective measures needed to eliminate or control recognized safety and health hazards.

We encourage employees of Facilities Services to let us know about any safety concerns. An online form is available to submit anonymously.

Safety Committee Members

Brent Ransom
Education and Training
(352) 294-0605

Amy Jones
Education and Training
(352) 392-2333

Allen Masters
Campus Maintenance
(352) 392-6153

Daniel Whitcraft
Health Science Center Maintenance
(352) 273-5905

Thomas Schlick
Grounds & Natural Resources
(352) 294-0655

Charles Kammin
Electrical & Water Distribution
(352) 294-0626

Katie Karwan
Auxiliary Support Services
(352) 294-0640

Don Rysak
Building Maintenance
(352) 294-0680

Thomas Ladun
EH&S Coordinator
(352) 392-1591

Gerald Sellers
Building Maintenance
(352) 294-0679

Greg Lehman
Building Services
(352) 273-9263

Sharon Warren
Building Services
(352) 294-5506

James Watson
Utilities And Energy Services
(352) 294-0678

Ali Leaphart
Utilities And Energy Services
(352) 294-0627

Carl Johns
Utilities And Energy Services
(352) 273-5574