Rates and Fees


Building Services

Service Rate
Custodial/Auxiliary $30 per hour, per crew member




Building Maintenance
Service Rate
Key and Sign Labor $45.75 per hour
Building: Structural
Service Rate
Roofing, Carpentry and Paint $43 per hour
Building: Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing
Service Rate
Electric, Fire Alarms, HVAC, Plumbing, Progress Park, Steam $47.50 per hour
High Performance Work Teams
Service Rate
Business Complex, Innovation Hub, HSC Research Complex $32.75 per hour




Service Rate
Landscaping $32.25 per hour



Motor Pool

Service Rate
Fuel Cost + $0.22 per gallon
Parts Cost + 62% of cost
Repairs $70 per hour
Towing $50 minimum inside city limits, $4 per mile beyond




Utility Rates
Service FY 2019 Rates (July 1, 2018) FY 2018 Rates (July 1, 2017)
Chilled Water $135.64 per KTH $124.17 per KTH
Chilled Water Impact Fee $2,800 per Connected Ton $2,800 per Connected Ton
Electricity $0.1091 per kWh  $0.1025 per kWh
Refuse and Recycling $8.70 per cubic yard  $8.70 per cubic yard
Steam $13.16 per klb  $11.90 per klb
Water $4.12 per kgal $3.82 per kgal
Waste Water $5.54 per kgal $5.28 per kgal
Labor Rates
Service FY 2018 Rates (July 1, 2017) FY 2017 Rates (July 1, 2016)
Electricity $47.50 per hour $47.50 per hour
Chilled Water $47.50 per hour $47.50 per hour
Controls $47.50 per hour $47.50 per hour
Steam $47.50 per hour $47.50 per hour
Water $47.50 per hour $47.50 per hour
Waste Water $47.50 per hour $47.50 per hour



Events and Rentals

Equipment Rentals
Service Rate
Barricades (Includes delivery and pickup) $2.00 per barricade
Decorative Palms $2.00 per plant (3 day maximum)
Delivery Truck $30.00 per hour (1 hour minimum)
Folding Chairs $0.50 per chair (1st day), $0.15 per chair (subsequent days)
Folding Tables $3.00 per table (1st day), $1.00 per table (subsequent days)
Equipment Purchases
Service Rate
ClearStream Waste, Recycle and Compost System Limited Availability
Composting (Liner and disposal) $3.80 each
Event Box $3.00 each
Recycling (Liner and disposal) $1.00 each
Trash (Liner and disposal) $5.70 each
Replacement Costs
In the event that rented equipment is lost or damaged, the customer is assessed replacement costs for lost equipment.
Service Rate
6-foot Aluminum Tables $129 each
8-foot Aluminum Tables $179 each
Round Banquet Tables $59.95 each
Chairs $17.50 each
ClearStream Cart $630 each
ClearStream Connector $12 each
ClearStream Frame and lid $70 each
ClearStream Sign $20 each