Lake Alice Improvements

In concert with the Lake Alice Watershed Management Plan, maintenance work has recently been completed to return Lake Alice to its normal water level at the recommendation of engineers from consulting firm Wetland Solutions Inc. For the past five years the water levels in Lake Alice have been slowly increasing as a result of debris blocking a drainage feature. With the completion of this maintenance work, community members should expect to see a drop in Lake Alice water levels of 18-30 inches by the end of February 2024.

Lake Alice is a beloved campus feature and a critical element to providing a healthy, thriving environment for our campus wildlife and community. The Lake also serves as the primary stormwater feature on campus, capturing and treating stormwater from more than 1,000 acres. This maintenance will improve flooding issues around the lake and reduce stress for trees and other vegetation on the lakeshore that have been impacted by elevated water levels. This work was conducted in a controlled manner to see immediate improvements in the function of the lake and to establish a foundation for the long-term success of the watershed management plan.