Event Equipment and Services

The University of Florida’s Facilities Services offers equipment and services to support your campus events.

Requesting equipment or services

First Steps

Before completing a request for Facilities Services help, your event must be approved by the appropriate UF office:

Contact Facilities Services early in your planning stages (not less than two weeks prior to your event) as many campus events are scheduled and we assign resources on a first come basis: workorder@admin.ufl.edu, 352-392-1121

Complete our form

Request for Equipment and Services Form

After your event has been approved by the Office of Event Services or Business Affairs as above, complete our Request for Equipment and Services Form and email your completed form to workorder@admin.ufl.edu to receive our cost estimate for your request.

About our cost estimate

  • Our estimate must be accepted and approved by you before a Work Order is issued
  • It is the department or organization’s responsibility to contact Work Management, accept the estimate and provide funding information
  • Work is scheduled on a first come basis, and only after an estimate is approved and funding is established

See our Rates and Fees Schedules for more information.

Equpiment and Services

Equipment Offered

Services Offered

Equipment Descriptions


Facilities Services Grounds works with the University Police Department to provide traffic control for approved special events on campus, through the placement of barricades.

Tables and Chairs

Facilities Services Building Services rents the following equipment to campus events. These can be picked up (or delivered and set up on location for an additional fee):

  • 6-foot rectangular aluminum tables
  • 8-foot rectangular aluminum tables
  • 5-foot rectangular plastic tables
  • 6-foot rectangular plastic
  • 8-foot rectangular plastic tables
  • 8-foot round banquet tables
  • folding chairs
  • Padded chairs
  • Stand-mounted hand sanitizers dispensers

Decorative Palm Plants

Facilities Services Grounds maintains beautiful potted palms, to green your event stage or surroundings. Make decorating easy and elegant with our live plants!

Recycling, Composting and Trash Containers

Facilities Services Recycling and Waste Management can provide boxes, portable Clear Stream systems, carts, dumpsters and other equipment for sustainable events. For assistance with planning your zero waste or reduced waste event, please contact us early in your planning stages.

Clear Stream Waste Receptacle

Clear Stream Systems

Box and liner waste receptacle

Boxes and Liners 

Cart with Liner

Service Descriptions

Equipment Delivery and Pickup

Facilities Services Building Services can deliver and return equipment rented from Facilities Services. Pickup and return service is ordered with site setup. Minimum charges may apply.

Indoor Site Setup and Cleanup

Facilities Services Building Services can provide setup for special events (after 4:30 p.m. weekdays or on weekends or holidays). The overtime workers who setup events are usually familiar with the buildings used for after hours events. Overtime events typically require a minimum number of staff hours (and as always, requesting service does not guarantee service unless a work order has been issued).

Outdoor Site Preparation and Cleanup

Facilities Services Grounds ensures that outdoor locations are ready for pre-approved events, including mowing and trimming, turning off water sprinklers, removing fire ants and setting barricades. Also, Grounds workers frequently work after hours to provide waste and litter cleanup. Overtime events typically require a minimum number of hours (and requesting service requires that a work order has been issued).

Electricity and Running Water

Facilities Services Utilities may be able to provide electrical and/or water utility connections to support an event. In most cases, this service adds fixed costs or metered costs per usage. These services are available at specific campus locations are are limited in guest capacity. Utilities staff are available to to help determine availability for your event.

Utility Line Tracing

Much of the University’s utilities distribution system is underground, so that any digging, sign staking or ground penetration requires a Dig Permit to prevent safety hazards. Before applying for a dig permit, please obtain event approval from the Office of Event Services (for registered student organizations) or the Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs (for University Departments). Pre-approved events require completed Sunshine State One Call Tickets and Dig Permits.

Request for Equipment and Services Form

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact the Work Management Center at workorder@admin.ufl.edu or (352) 392-1121.