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Location and Hours

Hours: Monday – Friday:  7:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Phone: (352) 392-1131

1037 Magnolia Dr, Building 0706
Gainesville, FL 32611
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24-Hour Refueling

Refueling services for ethanol, diesel and gasoline are available 24 hours a day through the use of a special access key, called a “TRAK”, available from the Motor Pool. If a vehicle’s TRAK key is lost, contact the Motor Pool at (352) 392-1131 for assistance.

TRAK Fueling Process

  1. Please note: A Gator 1 Card must be used.
  2. Press Enter to begin.
  3. Enter the vehicle’s mileage without tenths of a mile. Do not enter any zero(s) as the first digit(s). Press Enter.
  4. Insert the black TRAK key and wait for the audible beep.
  5. Select a pump from those available and press Enter.
  6. Press yellow button on the pump to reset its counter.
  7. Begin fueling. When finished fueling, hang up the pump nozzle.
  8. Write your own receipt if necessary. Copies go inside the blue box at the first pump island.

For more detailed instructions on the Motor Pool’s fuel pump operations, see our Fuel Pump Operation Instructions.

New Vehicle Registrations

All University of Florida departments registering a new vehicle for use at UF must complete a Vehicle Intake Form. Motor Pool service and fueling cannot be provided if the vehicle intake form, supporting documentation, and funding for Motor Pool services have not been received from the customer. Back-up documentation (Certificate of Origin, Sales, Receipt, etc) should be provided to Motor Pool either at the counter upon delivery of the vehicle to complete set up in our system. If completing the form for a vehicle not physically located in Alachua county pleas mail completed documents to:

Facilities Services Motor Pool
1037 Magnolia Drive
Building 706 SW Radio Road
PO Box 112650
Gainesville, FL 32611

Safety Inspections

The University of Florida’s State Motor Vehicle Inspection Program was begun in 1995, to help ensure adequately maintained, safe state vehicles in operation at the University. An annual vehicle inspection is mandatory for all University vehicles, including any car, van, truck, bus or other motorized conveyance required to bear a state license plate. Vehicles assigned to University of Florida departments or associated organizations (e.g. UF Athletic Association, Shands, etc.) located in Alachua County must receive an annual inspection at the Motor Pool.

UF departments operating vehicles outside Alachua County should develop a preventive maintenance and inspection program with a commercial service station. To assist these organizations, the Motor Pool can provide copies of the University’s Official Motor Vehicle Inspection Manual and technical advice and support. A Motor Pool Safety Inspection Form is provided for service stations to complete during their inspections.

A vehicle’s department is responsible to schedule a safety inspection prior to the Safety Check Inspection Decal’s expiration date (decals are affixed inside each vehicle on the lower left corner of the windshield). The expiration date is the last calendar day of the month shown punched on the decal. Safety inspection appointments are made by calling the Motor Pool at (352) 392-1131. The vehicle’s department will be charged a minimum of $70.00 for the annual safety inspection and renewal decal. A valid Facilities Services Customer ID and Chartfield Number (CFR) must be provided to the Motor Pool before the inspection is held.

Motor Pool personnel are authorized to remove any vehicle from service that does not pass its safety inspection. And as the annual inspection is mandatory, the University Police Department will leave a Notice of Violation of University Policy on vehicles without current inspection decals. Notice of Violation vehicles must be inspected within 15 days of the notice or the vehicle may be impounded until a safety inspection is held.

Preventive Maintenance

The Motor Pool offers its Full Service Preventive Maintenance Program for all state vehicles. This service includes all items covered by annual safety inspections plus added inspection and equipment lubrication services essential for a vehicle’s longer life and efficient operation. Please note: departments choosing to use outside vendors for preventive maintenance are still required to bring their vehicles to the Motor Pool for annual safety inspections.

Other Services

The Motor Pool provides maintenance on vehicles and equipment of all types.

Maintenance rates for FY 2017 (effective 7/1/16)

  • Parts at cost + 62% of cost
  • Labor at $70.00 per hour
  • Towing at a minimum $50.00 (inside City of Gainesville) and $4.00 for each mile beyond the city limits

The Motor Pool performs all types of vehicle repairs on site except front end alignment and transmission overhaul.

For a comprehensive list of Facilities Services’ Rates and Fees, see our rates and fees page.

Body Repairs and Towing

Towing services are available for University vehicles. If you need towing during business hours, contact the Motor Pool at (352) 392-1131. For faster service, please provide the vehicle’s number, license tag number, specific location of the vehicle, and department. All vehicles are towed to the Motor Pool.

For other body repairs or towing, please contact:
Max’s Paint & Body or Max’s Towing
Max & Debbie Hicks
2314 NE 19th Drive
Gainesville, FL 32609 (google map)
(352) 377-0525 phone (352) 372-0834 fax
For towing after business hours, contact Max’s Towing to have the vehicle brought to the Motor Pool. Max’s is available 24 hours a day (towing charges are added to vehicle repair costs).

Vehicle Parts

The Parts Department at the Motor Pool stocks most parts needed for emergencies, including batteries, tires, filters, hoses, bulbs, fuses, wipers and other items to keep your vehicle on the road and out of our shop.

Please call our Parts Manager at (352) 392-4404 for parts between 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on weekdays.

Work Orders

Work Orders are written by the Motor Pool staff at our main service desk, so please report all service needs to our service desk. Bring us your vehicle number and current mileage along with contact details and a contact’s phone number. Tell us your service details and please prepare to leave the vehicle with us, unless prior arrangements have been made for service while you wait. We will call you when your vehicle is repaired, and ready for pickup.