Construction and Demolition

Construction and Demolition Waste

UF personnel can bring debris from construction, demolition and remodeling projects (and certain maintenance projects) on the UF campus to the Facilities Services Recycling Yard (see directions below). To increase UF’s recycling rate and decrease our costs, please sort all debris into their proper container.


A concrete-walled pit is located next to the Brush and Woody Waste Area for “masonry” including bricks and concrete. A ramp in the recycling yard (made itself from recycled asphalt!) provides easy unloading to bins for a number of bulky materials.

A close up image of a pile of bricks

Raw Wood

Unfinished, raw wood can be put into the bin labeled “Raw Wood”, along with unusable pallets. Please no painted, or glued wood in this bin (plywood and particle board, etc.). Painted and glued wood go into the “C&D” bin instead.

Close up image of wooden boards at a construction site.


Any items containing 50% or more metal components should be separated to the “Metal” container. (For example, most UF office chairs have a metal frame covered by fabric and plastic. These chairs go into the Metal bin.)

Close up image of a jumble of metal wire

C&D Composite

A roll-off container labeled “C&D” is for inert materials that may be diverted to a Construction and Demolition landfill. This bin can therefore be used for dry wall, ceiling tiles, floor tiles, HVAC filters, ceramics, pipes and plumbing fixtures. Please also put painted, or glued wood into this bin as above.

Close up image of haphazardly strewn ceilint tiles, dry-wall, and other composite building materials

Contact Us

For more information, please contact the Recycling and Solid Waste Department at (352) 392-7396 or

Location of Recycling Yard

The recycling yard is located behind the Facilities Services compound, near the corner of Elmore Drive and Magnolia Drive, just north of UF Surplus.