Wood Pallets

Wood pallets generated from campus operations are collected in the Facilities Services Compound and are recycled in three ways:

  1. Reusable pallets can be taken to the pallet collection yard on the East side of Central Stores, where a recycler picks up pallets on a routine basis and reuses intact pallets
  2. Slightly damaged pallets can be taken to the same yard as the recycler rebuilds broken pallets from pieces and reuses them
  3. Raw wood pallets too damaged for repair go inside the “Raw Wood” roll-off container in the Facilities Services Recycling Yard (download pdf of recycling yard map) for chipping and use as mulch or biomass

Plastic, painted and chipped wood pallets cannot be recycled. These should be disposed in the C&D landfill container in the Facilities Services’ Recycling Yard.

Pallet Recycling Collection

More information

For further information or Recycling Team help, please contact the Recycling and Solid Waste Department at (352) 392-7396 or recycling-waste-management-staff@facilitiesservices.ufl.edu.