Administration and Analysis

The Administration and Analysis Unit is responsible for the fiscal management and oversight of each utility cost center, reporting and documenting business processes, and metering and billing of  campus utilities. Each utility is fiscally managed as an independent cost center, so the A&A Unit develops annual utility rates to ensure adequate revenue, balancing operational expenditures of each utility segment. To process monthly billing, the unit reads nearly 1,400 utility meters, billed to 80 different financial entities on campus. The A&A Unit oversees nearly $70 million in annual spending.

The A&A Unit also provides location and dig permits for all campus construction projects, connected through the Florida Sunshine Location Database for the following utilities:

  • Chilled Water
  • Electric
  • Sewer
  • Steam
  • Water

About Dig Permits

For information, questions, or comments, contact:  Chris Whitehurst, Assistant Director, Finance at (352) 294-0632.