High Performance Work Teams

High Performance Work Teams (HPWTs) are Building Services’ elite workforce.  These customer-focused teams combine maintenance and custodial services to expedite and streamline repairs and cleaning.  They serve as the first point of contact for basic maintenance and all custodial services for assigned buildings.

HPWTs consist of goal-focused individuals with specialized expertise and complementary skills.  They collaborate with the trades when need to produce consistently superior results.

The HPWTs are assigned to:

  • The Business Complex
  • The Health Science Center
  • Engineering North
  • Engineering South
  • The Progress Triangle

High Performance Work Team Maintenance Parameters:


  • Concrete Floor Repair
  • Door Repair (Latch, Hinge, Closer, Doorknob, Doorstop)
  • Drywall Repair (Patch, Prime and Paint)
  • Floor Tile Replacement (VCT, Ceramic, Terrazzo, Carpet)
  • Furniture Assembly (Desk, Chair, Table, Cabinet)
  • Painting (Patch and Paint)
  • Repair Ceiling Tile Replacement and Ceiling Grid Repair
  • Restroom Dispensers Repair or Replacement
  • Wall Mounting (Picture, Plaque, TV, Monitor, Dry Board)


  • Faucet Repair (Aerator and Washer)
  • Floor Drain Clearing
  • Restroom Inspection Preventive Maintenance
  • Sink Drain Clearing
  • Toilet Drain Clearing (Plunger, Hand Auger)
  • Toilet Seat Repair or Replacement
  • Toilet Water Shut-Off


  • Battery Replacement (Exit Sign, ADA Door Button)
  • Circuit Breaker Reset
  • Lamp Replacement (T8, T5, Florescent, LED, Incandescent)
  • Preventive Maintenance (Emergency and Exit Lighting)
  • Wall Plate Replacement


  • Exterior (Loose Trash Pick-Up and Leaf Blowing)
  • Floor Care (Strip, Wax, Burnish)
  • Furniture Moving
  • Pressure Washing (Exterior Buildings and Sidewalks)
  • Preventive Maintenance (Fire Extinguisher, Eyewash, Shower)