UF policy requires that all electronics purchased for campus use are safely managed for disposal by UF Surplus/Asset Management. The United States disposes of an estimated 25 million tons of electronics annually. Many of these devices contain heavy metals and other contaminants, including lead, cadmium, beryllium, and brominated flame retardants. Reports of electronics polluting developing countries are well documented (as are reports of data theft from information left on poorly disposed electronic devices).

If an electronic device is no longer useful to the University, UF Surplus facilitates sale or transfer of the equipment to a recycler or de-manufacturer who meets strict standards for proper use (or recycling) so that data destruction is guaranteed.

Reduce. Before you buy new equipment, consider your carbon footprint and budget. Can your existing equipment be updated or repaired instead? UF Surplus also offers a wide range of electronic items, including computers, tablets, notebooks, monitors, printers, projectors, scanners, printers and copiers to UF departments free of cost!

Used Electronics

The UF Surplus “PC Shop” tests and refurbishes equipment to extend useful life, transferring equipment to UF departments with a simple form. Otherwise, Surplus holds equipment as long as possible before listing it for public auction. You can therefore get inexpensive electronics for home use by bidding at the Surplus public auction site. You can also close the loop by recycling any equipment bought at a Surplus auction through UF Surplus. To register for auctions and review current auction items, visit http://surplus.ufl.edu.

Buy Green. If you must purchase new equipment, significantly lower your environmental impact with “environmentally preferable” electronics. EPEAT® is an easy-to-use resource for purchasers, resellers and others. EPEAT identifies electronics manufacturers meeting strict environmental criteria over full product lifecycles from “cradle to grave”. EPEAT maintains a database of certified computers, televisions and imaging equipment, with all manufacturer claims verified by independent auditors.


For more information, contact UF Surplus/Asset Management at (352) 392-2556.