Supporting Sustainable Waste Management and Zero Landfill Waste

The Facilities Services Recycling and Solid Waste Management Office manages the collection and disposal of all solid waste from University of Florida operations. We continually work toward better ways to reduce, reuse and recycle campus waste through sustainable practices. Our goal: Divert 90% of UF waste from landfills.

Recycling at UF

Recycle Right!

There are two things students, faculty, staff and campus visitors can do to help UF reach our 90% waste reduction goal:

  • Recycle the right way! Not all communities recycle the same way and a recycling symbol on an item does not always mean it can be recycled locally. UF, Gainesville and Alachua County use a “dual stream” recycling system, meaning paper/carboard products are collected separately from glass/metal/plastic.

Blue bin (Bottles & Cans)

Plastic bottles & jars (including yogurt cups and margarine tubs)

Metal cans, including aerosol cans (empty first please!)

Glass bottles & jars

Beverage cartons (milk, juice, soup, wine, etc.)

Orange bin (Paper & Cardboard)

Brown paper bags & newspapers

Magazines, catalogs & telephone books

Corrugated cardboard

Pasteboard (cereal boxes, cracker boxes, etc)

Office paper & junk mail

Paperback books, workbooks and soft-back textbooks.

Please only include items on this list – a recycling arrow on an item does NOT always mean it can be recycled locally.

Who To Call

Recycling: UF Facilities Services Recycling and Solid Waste Management – (352) 392-7396

Electronics and Furniture: UF Surplus/Asset Management – (352) 392-2556

Biomedical Waste: UF EH&S – (352) 392-1591

Chemical or Hazardous Waste: UF EH&S – (352) 392-8400

These Departments Have Separate Recycling Programs

University Athletics Association (Contact Bill Smith, UAA Facilities Director, at (352) 375-4683)

UF Health (Contact Dr. Lauren Clair Berkow at

UF Student Housing (Contact your Residence Life Staff)