Cardboard and Paper

Recyclable Resources

About 10% of what the University of Florida currently sends to landfill is paper, a highly recyclable resource.

In the last UF waste audit in 2014, we learned that almost 900 tons of paper went to the landfill annually that could have been recycled instead. The Recycling and Solid Waste Management Office services over 1,000 indoor paper recycling bins, in buildings across UF’s campus. We further maintain hundreds of bulk paper and cardboard recycling dumpsters, and also cardboard balers, conveniently located in every on-campus housing area and nearby many campus buildings.

Reducing paper waste

The University is working hard to reduce waste and save resources while protecting the environment.

We ask you to do your part!


Small desk-side paper recycling boxes are available through Facilities Building Services or through the Facilities Recycling and Solid Waste Management Office at no cost. When a desk-side container is full, simply empty its contents inside the nearest central paper recycling bin on campus.

Cardboard boxes should be flattened then taken to the nearest cardboard recycling container.


With email and digital record-keeping, many offices are going as paperless as possible. UF offers guidelines and training for electronics files and records management.

Heres a tip: when you need to print, set your printer default to “two-sided printing” to reduce the number of total pages printed.

What can be recycled in UF’s Paper Only bins?

Office Paper

  • White and colored bond paper
  • Notebook and copier paper
  • Computer paper
  • Index cards and note cards
  • Envelopes and junk mail


  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Printed Reports


  • Softcover books
  • Hardcover books (covers removed)


  • Corrugated boxes
  • Cracker and cereal boxes
  • Empty pizza boxes

File Folders

  • Manila folders and tab cards
  • Hanging file folders

Your recycled paper and cardboard are baled, sent to mills and turned to pulp to manufacture new paper products. Such recycled products often say “Post Consumer” on their labels.

Contaminated paper!

Warning: contamination can spoil an entire load of recyclable paper!

To remain a valuable material, recycled paper cannot be coated or contaminated with plastics, waxes or oils.

Where to recycle paper at UF?

Paper and cardboard recycling containers are across campus in nearly every building and paper recycling dumpsters are located behind some buildings and in the Facilities Services Recycling Yard (download pdf of recycling yard map). The Recycling Team empties these containers approximately weekly.

More information

For further information or Recycling Team help, please contact the Recycling and Solid Waste Department at (352) 392-7396 or