Crosswalk updates

Crosswalk updates taking place across campus to improve pedestrian safety

Facilities Services has engaged SNG Pavement Marking Inc to complete crosswalk updates in several places across campus. These updates are aimed at increasing visibility and upholding DOT standards, therefore improving pedestrian safety in locations where markings had previously deteriorated. These crosswalks were identified as part of exhaustive evaluation process conducted by Facilities Services staff.

During these work periods, the crosswalks that are being worked on will not be passable.  Traffic lanes will be open, but partially blocked, with a flagger directing traffic around the coned off areas.

Crosswalks located at SW Rec and the Cultural Plaza. Work on the east side of the Health Science Center will be scheduled at a later date.

Crosswalks completed between May 17th – May 27th:

  • Dental
  • Mowry at Center Drive

Crosswalks to be completed May 30th – June 3rd:

  • Southwest Rec Primary and add on
  • Cultural Plaza

Crosswalks to be scheduled:

  • UF Health PEDS ER
  • Newell at Service drive

Crosswalks previously completed:

  • Hub and North Lawn at Gale Lemerand
  • Broad Shepard
  • Stadium at Fletcher
  • Fletcher
  • Gale Lemerand at UAA