Thermal Segment Projects

Campus Thermal Segment Projects

Multiple projects are currently underway to support the creation of a looped chilled water and steam distribution system for UF’s campus, meaning that utilities can be supplied in two or more directions. These new thermal piping segments will improve utility supply to campus even in the event of a chilled water or steam break with the added benefit of addressing large amounts of deferred maintenance by replacing pipe that has reached the end of its useful life. The utilities distribution systems are being addressed along the Museum Road corridor as part of this project. Chilled water and/or steam have been or will be extended along the following corridors as part of the greater initiative:

  • Museum Road from Hume Residence Halls to Jennings Hall
  • Gale Lemerand Drive from Museum Road to Mowry Road
  • Mowry Road from the Lacy Rabon Chilled Water Plant to Center Drive
  • Center Drive from Mowry Road to the Circle Drive at HPNP
  • Newell Road from Museum Drive to the loading dock area behind UFHealth across from Baby Gator
  • Reitz Union utilities extension
  • Inner Road utilities extension
  • Football Operations Training Center utilities extension
  • Holland Law utilities extension

A critical component of UF’s campus infrastructure is the resilience and reliability of the campus thermal systems. These systems are imperative to the work of those on campus to ensure a safe, reliable environment in which they can conduct research and innovate. These projects focused on modernizing the existing underground steam distribution networks on campus which have not been substantially upgraded in several decades will lead to vast improvements in the utility distribution infrastructure which supports operations on main campus.