Health Science Center Facilities Services

The objective of Facilities Services within the Health Science Center is to support the vision of the Health Science Center and provide the physical environment necessary to those involved in teaching, learning, research, and patient care at the Health Science Center at UF.

This department is responsible for maintaining a comfortable environment conducive to learning, research, teaching and patient care. We provide services related to the operation, maintenance, minor in-house construction projects, and departmental support within existing manpower and materials resources.

If you would like further information about us, please call (352) 273-5905.

Health Science Facilities Services is divided into the following divisions:

Cancer & Genetics/Pathogens

There is a High Performance Work Team for the Research Complex of the Health Science Center. The team is responsible for all of the maintenance and custodial needs of these buildings.

Construction Auxiliary

This is a working capital enterprise which provides contract construction services primarily to the Health Science Center.

Facilities Maintenance

This business unit manages the Maintenance Mechanics group responsible for a large variety of things from floor to ceilings, roofs, building exteriors, and all inspections for contracted work; the Key Shop is responsible for building security, and the Paint Shop is responsible for painting of all common areas.

Systems Maintenance

This business unit provides air conditioning, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing maintenance for all HSC Main Complex.

Veterinary Medicine Maintenance & Utilities

Teams provide maintenance and chilled water and steam production for the Veterinary Medicine Complex and maintenance to the Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Building.