Locksmith and Key Shop

Building Maintenance

The Key Shop is the sole provider of keys, new locks and lock changes in the University's E&G (Education & General) Buildings.

This shop also provides locksmith services for auxiliaries on campus when requested and is currently responsible for the keying and record keeping for over 450 buildings. The Key Shop maintains a database that identifies where a particular key fits. In addition, the experts in the Key Shop design all master keying systems for new construction and renovations as well as re-mastering existing buildings as needed. Their goal is to create and maintain keying systems that provide security as well as convenience for the building users.

All lock change requests must be authorized by the appropriate administrator in a department prior to work being done and are subject to refusal when the change impacts access by maintenance or security personnel. This control is critical for safety and security. Any exceptions require approval by the Assistant Vice President of Facilities Services.

Keys and re-keying are not considered routine maintenance and requesting departments will be charged for the work. Repairing, lubricating cylinders and/or replacing broken locks are maintenance items for E&G buildings and there is no charge for this service.

Please contact the Key Shop if you have any questions or need help with keys or re-keying issues.

Tracy Smith
Maintenance Construction Superintendent
(352) 294-0648
Len Solt
Maintenance Specialist
(352) 294-0653