Facilities Services takes proactive measures against COVID-19

During the past several weeks the UF community has undergone a large change as both students and staff have moved off campus. While the majority of our customers are now off-campus, our employees have been busier than ever implementing measures to help maintain a healthy environment for those who remain and lay a strong foundation for hygiene when the university resumes full on-campus operations.

Our Building Services department has worked tirelessly to expand their cleaning efforts. They are charged with cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting approximately 12.5 million square feet of campus facilities daily. In addition to their traditional routines our crews have expanded their services with an increased focus on touch points within buildings. This practice places additional attention on areas such as light switches, handrails, water fountains, and other surfaces that receive heavy contact from building occupants. TruShot Disinfectant Cleaner is being used throughout campus to sanitize and disinfect restrooms and touch points.  Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide is also being used by our teams, and we have distributed portions of this cleaner to TAPS, University Libraries, Baby Gator, Harn Museum, UPD and Surplus Property for additional use in their buildings.  Both TruShot and Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide contain chemicals effective against COVID-19.

We have also purchased a wide variety of items from our vendors to assist in combating any potential contagion. Building Services has ordered two Clorox Total 360 Electrostatic Spray Systems, which can be used to disinfect areas needing deeper cleaning due to suspected contamination.  According to the EPA, this electrostatic technology is effective is killing bacteria and viruses by charging the disinfecting and sanitizing solution with a force stronger than gravity, allowing it to wrap around and uniformly coat the side, underside and backside of surfaces. The equipment is scheduled for delivery in 4-6 weeks. In the interim, we have arranged to utilize IFAS’s Clorox Total 360 System to provide virus suppression treatment in needed areas.

If an area is suspected of being infected with COVID-19, it is closed-off for 72 hours. If the suspected exposure results in a negative test for COVID-19, Building Services disinfects the area using Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide (CDC approved). If the suspected exposure results in a positive test for COVID-19, Building Services performs a virus suppression treatment using a disinfectant cleaner in the Clorox Total 360 System (EPA approved).

In addition to our expanded cleaning regimen, Facilities Services recently entered into an agreement with Cintas to purchase 500 hand sanitizer dispensers to be installed across campus. 164 wall-mounted dispensers have already been installed in 108 buildings by members of the Operations Department and High-Performance Work Teams.  The remaining dispensers are scheduled for delivery and installation in April.  Our Building Services crews will continue to check dispensers daily and replace refills and batteries as needed.

In these unprecedented times we are committed to providing ongoing support to the Gator Nation. Please visit the GatorWorks customer request portal or contact Work Management at 352-392-1121 for assistance.

Above: The Clorox Total 360 Electrostatic Spray System is used to treat Dental Clinics.

Published: March 24th, 2020

Category: News, Project Spotlights