Facility Maintenance and Project Request

Whether you need Emergency Service or Routine Repairs, our staff will evaluate your service requests and determine how to best meet your needs.

PLEASE CALL EMERGENCY WORK REQUESTS TO: (352) 392-1121. We are available 24 hours a day/7 days a week for calls.

For Routine Service, please use the Facilities Services Work Request for requesting maintenance, custodial, landscaping or utility work. Examples of maintenance includes; Air Conditioning/Heating repairs, plumbing repairs, lighting repairs, elevator repairs, or lock/key/keycard access.

The WORK MANAGEMENT CENTER is the central point of contact between the University Community and Facilities Services. We welcome all requests for service and look forward to helping you with your requirements. We can also be reached for routine requests by Phone: (352) 392-1121, E-mail: workorder@admin.ufl.edu, or walk in: 902 Magnolia Drive Building 702.

Planning Design and Construction is responsible for new construction or for renovation of existing University space. Renovation work includes new paint, reconfiguration of space, finish upgrades, adding or removing walls, changing the room function, adding or removing utilities, etc. Please use this Project Request System for requesting new construction or for renovation of existing University space. In addition you can use this system to request a building feasibility study (addition or new facility) and for land planning or real estate studies (e.g. site analysis, urban design plan, infrastructure study, and property/lease acquisition).

Examples of the services provided by Facilities Services

  1. Air Conditioning/Heating Repairs
  2. Plumbing Repairs
  3. Electrical/Lighting Repairs
  4. Exterior/Roof/Window Repairs
  5. Locks/Keys/Keycards
  6. Elevator Maintenance
  7. Landscaping
Other services not depicted:
Refuse Collection & Recycling
Dig Permits and Utility Marking
Moving/Rental Services

Examples of the services provided by Planning, Design & Construction

  1. Renovations
  2. Cabinetry modifications
  3. Painting or adding/removing walls
  4. Adding/moving doors
  5. Flooring replacement
  6. Installing lab hood or equipment
  7. Installing electrical outlet
Other services not depicted:
New facility study
Land planning or real estate study
Facility addition
Space use change
Roof or HVAC replacement
Modular furniture installations
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