Safety Information

Safety is a team effort at the University of Florida. The prevention of accidents is the Safety Committee's primary goal. It is essential that everyone take an active part in initiating preventive measures to control hazards in our workplace. Facilities Services makes sure Facilities Services employees have the right training, equipment, and support to perform tasks safely. We coordinate closely with the University's Environmental Health & Safety Division, Human Resources Division, and Office of Workers Compensation to accomplish this.

Remember, you are ultimately responsible for your own safety. Your attitude toward safety will determine how likely you or your co-workers are to be injured. We need your help in providing a safe and healthful workplace. Get involved by reporting unsafe behaviors or conditions, to your supervisor or by using the "Report Safety Concern" link on this page (also on Facilities Services homepage). Hardcopy forms are also available for pickup from the Facilities Services Director's Administrative Assistant.

Workers' Compensation

The University of Florida provides workers' compensation coverage to all its employees in accordance with state statutes. This coverage includes payment for medical care and compensation for lost wages. The Facilities Services Human Resources Office coordinates with the Human Resource Services Workers' Compensation Office to assure the quick and efficient delivery of benefits to an injured worker and to facilitate the worker 's return to gainful reemployment.

Facilities Services strictly follows the university's modified duty program. This program is designed to meet the legislative intent of the 1993 revisions to state of Florida Workers' Compensation Law. The modified duty program at UF begins when the authorized medical care provider releases the injured employee to return to modified duty work. All Facilities Services employees released to modified duty work will be provided temporary modified duty work. For specific information please contact (352) 392-1411 or refer to the Workers' Compensation Office at (352) 392-4940.

Safety Committee

The Safety Committee was established to identify and eliminate or reduce safety hazards in the workplace. The Safety Committee recommends improvements to our workplace safety program and identifies corrective measures needed to eliminate or control recognized safety and health hazards. The Committee is responsible to ensure that corrective action is taken to lessen or eliminate identified hazards.

The Safety Committee has 18 members, who represent various leadership levels throughout Facilities Services. A representative Environmental Health and Safety normally attends all meetings. Please notify your supervisor, department head, or a current Safety Committee member if you'd like to participate on the Facilities Services' Safety Committee.

Meetings are normally held on the third Wednesday of each month from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the Building 702 Multipurpose Room. Meetings are open to all Facilities Services employees pending the approval of your supervisor.

Safety Committee Members

Nick Sexson
Safety Coordinator
(352) 273-3311

Amy Jones
Human Resources
(352) 392-2333

Harley Ingle
Health Science Center Facilities Services
(352) 273-5008

David Garzon
Building Services
(352) 392-8471

Robert Mitchell
Health Science Center Facilities Services
(352) 273-5763

Don Rysak
Building Maintenance
(352) 294-0680

Gerald Sellers
Building Maintenance
(352) 294-0679

Tracy Smith
Building Maintenance
(352) 294-0648

Allen Masters
Building Maintenance
(352) 392-6153

Darrell Pons
Grounds/Motor Pool
(352) 294-0817

Donna Bloomfield
Grounds/Motor Pool
(352) 294-0813