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Transition to Facilities Services

The high standard of progress all Gators across campus measure themselves by is built in part on the foundation of our historic and modern facilities, dependable utilities and our robust & reliable infrastructure.

We are pleased to announce a fundamental change in one of UF’s largest divisions, Physical Plant. Beginning in September, Physical Plant will be renamed Facilities Services, as a reminder of this ongoing pursuit of excellence, and our responsibilities to maintaining preeminent facilities for a preeminent university.

This name change also expresses our constant dedication to a campus that supports every pursuit, each discovery, and all our collective efforts for the Gator Good.

Mark Helms and Physical Plant leadership have consulted with The Agency within the College of Journalism and Communications to develop an integrated communications strategy. Facilities Services will soon launch the With Every Step campaign to make a powerful statement about the people and roles within the division that help move UF forward.

The Facilities Services brand is based on integrity, professionalism and dependability. By making this change and being visible to the UF community, we demonstrate the importance of the commitment Facilities Services makes with every step taken across campus: as a vital contributor to individual efforts, as well as UF’s position as a preeminent institution.

Read the administrative memo from Curtis Reynolds, Vice President for Business Affairs.