Facilities Services

UF's Facilities Services

is responsible for the operation and maintenance of more than 6 million square feet in over 300 Educational and General Buildings (E&G) and over 3 million square feet at the University's Health Science Center. Facilities Services provides utility services and grounds care campus wide. Facilities Services is organized into specialized departments and employees 800+ people with a wide range of skills. In addition to the E&G facilities, Facilities Services also operates an auxiliary enterprise to provide custodial, maintenance and repair services to non-E&G facilities.

Facilities Services has established a primary goal to ensure customer satisfaction in all we do. The Association of Facilities Services' Administrators presented their "Award of Excellence" to Facilities Services in recognition of our commitment to quality.

Building Services

Derrick Bacon, Director

Human Resources

Keisha Jones, Employee Relations Manager


Gregg Clarke, Director