Prudential Productivity Awards

The Prudential Productivity Awards is a privately initiated program designed to recognize and reward state government employees whose work measurably increases productivity and promotes innovation.

2016 Winners of the Prudential Productivity Award

We are proud to announce that Facilities Services' Central Stores Warehouse Team is winners of the 2016 Prudential Productivity Awards. Over the last two years, Facilities Services Central Stores has self-driven overall building energy and water savings improvements, resulting in a 55% reduction in energy and water costs.

Prudential productivity award winners
Facilities Services' Central Stores Warehouse Team - Award Winners - (left to right):Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Charlie Lane, Theran Floyd, Jose Diaz, Vinny Herman, David Register, Alex King, Libby Rowell, Kenny Stokes, Thomas Gonzales, Vice President for Human Resource Services, Jodi Gentry

At Facilities Services we are always searching for more efficient and effective ways to do business.

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